DT’s® Live Marine Copepods

Subtropical Harpacticoid sp.

Copepods that thrive in reef aquariums!

These subtropical Harpacticoid copepods are a warm water species that will develop a thriving population in reef aquariums. Copepods are an especially nutritious small prey item for many corals and small fish. This species has an adult size of about 900 microns.

Copepods feed on phytoplankton and are also an excellent scavenger, feeding on detritus of any kind. The best place for these copepods to reproduce and grow is in a refugium or aquarium.

It is our intention to provide a starter culture of copepods that will thrive in reef aquariums. We cultured this species at an average temperature of 82.5°F (28°C), so it is a species that will do very well in a reef tank.

These copepods are also very tolerant of cooler water and will do just fine in the 70’s, so they can be kept or cultured at normal room temperature.

Harpacticoid copepods have a life span of approximately 2 months. Some of the adults that are harvested will be near the end of their life span. There will also be eggs hatching and other individuals that will not easily be visible without the aid of magnification. We have test jars that have been kept for months and it is obvious by their population that they are reproducing in the jars.

Copepod Male

Copepod female with eggs

Copepod copepodite

Copepod nauplius